I cleaned & made thick, yummy, coconut yogurt

Instead of cooking the dinner which worked out well without my involvement I pulled out kitchen things from drawers and cleaned drawers.  I also vacuumed a good portion of the house, gave my bathroom a two minute clean, looked at houses I will not be buying any time soon, put out two loads of washing and drank lashings of tea.

My coconut yogurt worked out a treat though.  I mixed together a couple of teaspoons of gelatin, one tablespoon of raw sugar, three tablespoons of sweet potato starch (found at the local Asian grocer - grocer under new management and doing a great job) added a can of coconut milk and the same amount of water,  Whisked it together over a high heat, slowly adding the liquid ingredients to the dry.  Once combined and thickened, let cool to body temperature then place in a sterile container, add yogurt culture and probiotic culture if you like, place lid on.  Leave yogurt in yogurt maker over night and in the morning, place in fridge for a few hours for the thickest, yummiest coconut yogurt so far.

My normal yogurt for everyone else worked out too.  I do good yogurt and I clean like a whiz!  I guess the occasional kitchen flop is almost forgivable.  The Head Gardener has stopped glaring at me (for the time being).

Found another house I liked the look of.  It's also on a flood plain.  I can see a pattern here!


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