Flood, decaf, paint and economics

Today, I've been looking at other houses I like in a sea side locale, only to find they are on a flood plain.  I'm not happy that the real estate industry appears to deem it fine to not mention that rather important point when advertising properties.  I will be looking into seeing this change given the likelihood that properties will not be rebuilt on in future, making the land essentially worthless.

I'm drinking decaf coffee with a hot water bottle on my back.  When cleaning out my car, I seemed to have pulled a muscle in my back.  Hopefully it will heal with stretches and more exercise or cleaning my car will prove a rather expensive exercise.  

I managed to find some paint for my car.  Apparently, I am lucky that my car is by popular maker and a bit of a rust bucket.  Had I wanted paint matched to a newer model, say 2004 and onward, it's unlikely I could have the paint made up as car manufacturers are keeping the codes to themselves which would maximize their profits.  I admire the business acumen, and am pleased that the car is modest.  

I've done basic paint on another old car before so I am reasonably confident I will do a reasonable job.  I'm not looking for a professional finish, just to clean up the rust and make it look tidy.  Still, the fear of making a critical mistake is definitely on my mind.  I'm all for a little DIY but I do think it's important to know when to bring in the professionals.

Anyway, after reading this blog, http://blog.australiaboomtobust.com/ by Lindsay David, I'm a little more informed and in no hurry to buy property.  I do recommend reading his blog and thinking about supporting him by buying his book.  Admirable research and understanding of the issues facing the Australian housing market.

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