Fire breathing up hill and repaired smartphone screen

I've had a funny day today.  I walked up and down hills even though I did not feel really well enough to do it.  I soldiered on and someone looked up when he heard me breathing like a little engine that could!

Anyway, I made it up and down and around.  I get grumpy if I do not get out for a walk most days.  I know I do, so I try and walk before I get grouchy.  Or, I do some weights in front of the television like I did the other night.  No sitting on my gluteus maximus if I feel well enough to bust some moves with the weights.

After some feminine grunting with the weights, I might sit down and sometimes try and fix things that have been annoying me for a while, like my need for a face mask (only six months overdue) and my smashed smart phone which I fixed with nail polish of all things.  A leather phone cover seems to be rather good at taking the odd bump and it was not nearly as expensive as the military issue ones I was considering.  Much more feminine look this way.

If you want to fix your smart phone with nail polish, I do not recommend it if you can find a better method, or it's cost effective to get a new screen.  If it's your only hope, and you are willing to risk it not working, then all I did is:

1) Turn off your phone
2) Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth
3) Once the screen is clean use clear 60 second fast drying nail polish and liberally smear it, gently though, over the cracks
4) Let dry
5) Get yourself some nail polish remover and gently take off most of the nail polish - you want the polish to stay in the cracks but that's it
6) Let dry for a minute or three
7) Switch on, and hope it works

Apparently there's some nail technicians who charge generously to fix smart phones with nail polish and this is the only method that worked for me (with lots of trial and error).

This worked for me, may not work for you depending on the phone, the screen and the damage.  It's best to buy a quality phone cover and then hopefully this problem is averted.

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