DIY on less

I was looking for some DIY inspiration today and decided to share some links with you while I am at it.  The following frugal home decorating blogs which I found inspiring all tend to:

  • take their time making decorating decisions 
  • embrace paint, lots of it, to overhaul areas relatively cheaply 
  • enhanced their gardens
  • do what they can with the expertise and energy they have available
  • generally set out a budget before making decorating decisions
  • are content with imperfection
I hope you find these links inspiring:

Smart use of $500 to completely transform a kitchen and bring it into the twenty-first century.  'twas an awful lot of labor they put into the reno, so with tradespeople the cost would be considerably more: - Frugal Queen's been doing up a house in France for lots of elbow grease and sweat equity, and a little cash!

Thoroughly enjoying Cottager's Wife about renovating and cooking on a budget:

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