A rest day

My legs are aching still from gardening and walking yesterday.  I was determined to be sensible and rest today.  Some how that morphed into going for two walks and reuniting a dog with it's owner.  I'm not quite sure how that happened.

I did manage to walk around two neighborhoods to see if they were the spot for my livable shed/ tiny house but found they were lacking in ambiance.  I do not mind a small home but I do need a wonderful community feel and sunshine.  One neighborhood in my mind had a nicer area than another but there were no houses for sale there, and the fire risks concern me.  Flood or fire risk, what is it with me?

All I want is a humble abode with sunshine, hopefully within walking distance of a small shop and quiet.  It seems that I am asking too much in the modern world to also be within budget and not on a flood plain or in a major fire area.  However, I'm not about to give up now.  Heck, I would buy a house without a kitchen and "make do".  Without a toilet would really be pushing things...

Ah well.

I persist.

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