A luxury and Uni payment

Any which way I look at it, pod coffees are a bit of luxury compared to instant, or drip coffee.  I only bought mine so I could make my own coffee and not hurt myself with a dodgy ankle.  It's still cheaper than going to a cafe and paying $4-5 for coffee, and a little cheaper than going to the servo and buying coffee.  Plus, I like being able to stay in pjs and drink coffee in bed!

My point is, I bought some more pods today, and on reflection decided to make another smaller contribution to my University debt and also added some money to my shed/house fund which I want to pay with cash.  I do not want a mortgage.  In fact, the longer I leave it, the more determined I am to pay off my University debt and buy a house without debt.

That's just to encourage you to stick with your goals.  $6 jeans help keep me funneling money where I want to.  I am well aware that I need money for an emergency too.  Once I buy a house/ shed I will plough money into a home improvement and emergency fund.  I might even save up for a frugal holiday.  To keep myself grounded I will make some more payments to charities too.  My $6 jeans have the added bonus of adding to charity coffers.  Win-win-win!

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