Written by candlelight in a blackout

It’s 11 pm on the 12th of July and I am trying to write this blog by candlelight on my laptop.  This is proving a bit challenging but thankfully I am a reasonable touch typist as long as I sit up at a desk.  As I suspected might happen, a half hour before it did, the power went out.  I was fairly prepared for a power outage except for stocking the freezer with meat in the hope we would not get a power outage.  I was under the impression that the worst of the predicted snow storm was going to be elsewhere. 

When the wind started to really pick up a couple of hours ago, I did think to charge up my laptop and my mobile.  With power saving mode on my mobile, I have two days of mobile battery capacity if I am careful.  I have been checking the power company updates but it looks like they will be working overtime trying to fix problems in this weather (soon after I wrote this, my mobile coverage was lost). 

I've tried twice to go to bed already, and I am tired as I made sure I exercised and cleaned today.  I managed to complete some errands at home and I was drawing pictures with jazz music playing when the power went out.  It’s too easy on my own to spend a bit too much time turning into a statue in front of the tv in the evening.  I am trying to get back into the habit of doing other things.  I am good about keeping the tv off during the day as a general rule.  I only break it, if I have a particularly bad bout of the flu or I am doing boring exercises in front of it.  Though lately, I have mainly been taking the dog for a walk and cleaning as my exercise with a little gardening thrown in for good measure.
My preparedness for this storm, *(I hear other parts of the state have experienced the loss of roofs already) has included:

1)      I made sure that I bought some food that was convenience food in preparation so if I have to do major chores and need fast calories, I have them
2)      I have some bottled water
3)      Charged up my devices (phone being the most important and I should have a car charger in the car)
4)      Petrol in the car – not heaps but enough for the moment
5)      My trusty wind up torch
6)      Candles and matches already to go
7)      Wood inside for heater to last me overnight and the morning
8)      My winter coat for bringing in more wood tomorrow
9)      Cleaned the house today
10)   Did some washing including my thermal so I stay warm and toasty
11)   Up to date with dishes
12)   I don’t have a battery powered radio but that would have been handy, I did buy one but it’s not with me, or a wind up one is better and my car radio does not work
13)   Have enough blankets to keep me toasty and warm
14)   Plenty of warm clothes
15)   Basic medicine and first aid supplies up to date

I can not believe that there are people on the roads.  Some are emergency personnel but I doubt all of them are.  Mind you, I am near a main arterial route in Hobart and the traffic is five percent or less than normal on the highway nearby.   Clearly people are being sensible and staying indoors. 

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