Staying on track

In the interest of being accountable, I just paid a little more off my student loan debt.  It says quite a bit that I am finding staying focused on buying a dwelling and paying off some of my HECS (Australian Government funded loans for University).

I do admit that I would just like to not have the student debt.  This is the nature of debt though, once you are wise enough to realize the enormity of debt, you have debt.  So I am trying to just accept the situation and remain grateful that I was able to live in country where I could go to school safely.  Even if University was expensive, I was safe, and that's got to be worth something.

One of the main reasons I can even try and pay my HECS off is due to the little extra I get on the disability pension combined fewer medical bills at the moment and I am being careful with the few resources I have.  I could not even try and pay off my debt if I did not have those ducks in a row.

Things could easily change in a moment which is why I am aware of the need to save some money for life in general and spend intelligently.  Today I bought good quality sports shoes on special because my other ones are about to spring a hole, or three.  Not my most exciting purchase but these days I love and value comfortable, quality shoes.

Education and shoes = not bad spending priorities

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