Reading picks - nutritious eating on a budget

I regularly need encouragement and inspiration to eat nutrient dense food and stay on a budget. 
Please note: the dollar amount in these articles generally refers to the USD, portion sizes and will vary from place to place.

Here's some articles that might help you:

1) From the Dieticians' Association of Australia:

2) 15 foods for about $2 from WebMD:

3) Tips to eat well on a budget from Huffington Post:

4) 44 Nutrient dense foods, under $1: 

5) Family food on a tight budget:

Circumstances are different for everyone.  It's difficult to cook everything if you do not have access to a kitchen and it's difficult sometimes to prepare everything from scratch if you are unwell.  It's harder to stick to a budget if your diet is restricted due to allergies.  This is just a list of articles that may inspire you.

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