Reading picks - iced tea inspiration

I'm noticing enthusiasm for iced tea on blogs in the northern hemisphere.  As I lightly shiver by the wood fire I am trying to get moving, my guess is the hot weather in the US and other places has much to do with the iced tea phenomenon.  So, with that in mind and a hot cup of coffee by my side as I type, here are some articles to keep you inspired to make your own iced tea concoctions:

1) Iced tea recipes, including herbal infusions, from the tea company, Lipton tea:

2) From Australian online recipe collection, Mint and Lime Iced Tea:

3) Luxurious Thai Style Iced Tea:

4) Easy, no sugar, no fuss, cold brew tea from  I think I might try this in a moment!  I like something non-alcoholic, low sugar in a fancy glass at night after dinner.  Last night it was fizzy mineral water.  I've inspired myself during this process.  Who knew iced tea could be so much fun?!

5) A fun Raspberry and Lemon Iced Tea:

There you are, plenty of iced tea inspiration to keep you going all summer long.

Disclaimer:  Do limit your tea and sugar consumption on a daily basis  (some of these recipes are best consumed as a treat).  Generally medical professionals recommend no more than five cups of full strength (green/black/white) tea a day.  For guidance contact a qualified medical professional.  For people who need/ want to limit their sugar consumption you can leave the sugar out and add stevia or similar sugar substitute for sugary flavor on your palate, or find a recipe that works without sugar.

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