Puffer fish stage

I went for a very long walk yesterday up the hills and down again in the pursuit of sunshine.  The experience left me a little worse for wear so unfortunately I missed some of this morning's cool sunbeams.  When I finally surfaced, one cup of coffee with the paper and real estate guide was a feat I managed.  No long walks for me today, it's taken all day to recover.

While watching a police based documentary I did managed to do some light weights.  My thyroid related weight gain is something I am determined to reduce back to a more comfortable weight.  As it's mainly water, I feel like a small bloated balloon bobbing along determinedly!  Or as I like to call it, my puffer fish face stage*.

According to weather forecasters we can expect another cold front tomorrow.  In preparation for a possible power outage I have the heater going at full kick and one and a half day's worth of wood inside.  My clothes are drying a few meters away and I should have enough warm things and food to get me through.

*FYI: While checking the spelling for that particular metaphor, I discovered that Puffer fish are best avoided due to their toxicity, see this National Geographic for more information:

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