Once in a blue moon

I don't know what I was expecting from my body.  History told me that the best way to manage my autoimmune conditions was to be dairy free, gluten free, low FODMAP, no peanuts, no oats.  It seemed like my body was coping with me adding in everything except gluten.  Unfortunately, that clearly was not the case.

After only being off dairy for a day my body looks like it's lost five kilograms, and the stomach pain is subsiding.  Today, or tomorrow, I will go and get some l-glutamine powder to heal my gut properly and then I will have to continue being strict.  I know in the past I seemed to get away with a little soy milk in my tea but I'm not sure whether or not to reintroduce that, or just switch to oolong which I can drink without milk.  I do like to hit the black tea when I feel stressed or just need to relax. Sometimes it even helps me to sleep.

Yesterday, I drank black espresso coffee and today I added a teaspoon of coconut milk.  It's put me off coffee a bit.  It seems my taste buds, if not the rest of me, were quite enjoying a milky cup of coffee.

I feel so much better today that I am quite looking forward to being strict with my diet.  It's nice to not look seven months pregnant just because I try to eat like a normal person.

With arthritis I really can not afford to put on extreme weight.  I was also finding as well as gut pain and inflammation (clearly), my thyroid medication was becoming ineffective and I was beginning to feel a little asthmatic.  I was not asthmatic but I knew I had to change something and the only thing I could think of was to revert to dairy free, oat free, peanut free diet (already gluten free) and see if that helped.  I will lower my FODMAPs too which means bye, bye honey except once in a blue moon!

Sticking to a strict diet is not really a pain compared with the pain caused by not sticking with it.  It did seem like I was getting away with more variety in my diet there for a little while.  I did try and just keep my dairy consumption to a minimum before making these changes and that was not enough to make a difference.  I feel much better than I did two days ago.

Disclaimer: for medical advice contact an appropriately qualified medical professional for treatment and advice.  This is what works for me only.

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