More weather

There's more weather coming our way this week, with the BOM (Bureau of Meterology) predicting that there may be snow to sea level in some areas on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Clearly weather is always with us, but exciting weather is where it's at.  Hopefully the heavier than average rainfall predicted for the north of the state is not damaging to people or property.  Our emergency services are geared up for unpredictable weather though.

I was not planning on going out today which is just as well as I feel distinctly hit by chronic fatigue due to a gentle but solid effort of walking yesterday.  I definitely had planned to travel the state on the two days severe weather is likely to hit us.  Instead I will be warming myself by the wood heater with the cat, and the dog if the weather is as cold as it sounds.

I'm on my second cup of coffee and for breakfast I microwaved gluten free pasta with a little stock and frozen peas.  I mixed in a small spoonful of pesto and greek yogurt and seasoned my strange breakfast.  I've got enough food to keep me going for a few days, though a lack of power would be a bit of a plain because nearly all the food I have needs cooking.  I guess, I would just wrap things in aluminum foil and place them in the wood heater coals.  Let's hope it doesn't get quite that spectacular here.

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