More action on my goals

I've had a week of it this week.  Due to extreme fatigue and pain, combined with stormy weather, I have been unable to walk the dog much.  After spending the entire morning in bed, I managed a sun drenched walk, and met some of the neighborhood children that were attracted to the dog like a moth to a flame.  It was so good to meet a few lovely, articulate, genuinely friendly young children.  There is certainly cause to have hope for the future of the country.

I was planning on looking at more land and sheds this week but my body has had other ideas.  After discussing it with The Head Gardener, I made another large contribution towards my education debt today in order to pay off more than the accumulating interest.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the pharmacy.  I would have bought my script and vitamins online except I forgot that I need the script filled tomorrow and the vitamins I want are currently not in stock online. Delivery by a pharmacy is certainly a helpful service for the future if I remember a few days before I need medication.

After I've been to the pharmacy, and perhaps bought a few bits and pieces from the supermarket, I plan to donate a little to Soldier On who are an organisation that helps previously active military people get back into civilian life and cope well.  To be fair, Soldier On's website expresses this better:

Soldier On supports those who have served by focusing on their physical and mental health, their community and their future. We have assisted thousands as they have dealt with physical and psychological wounds from their service.

More information on Soldier On can be found at their website

My phone has an alert on it to remind me to donate tomorrow.  A good use of a smart phone!

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