I walked, I shopped, and I gardened

Dragging my feet today I went to the nearest shopping center and kept on driving.  I just could not stand how busy it all was, so I went to a much smaller complex.  I bought some heavy and healthy foods.  It seems to me, the less processed the food the heavier it is.  Lately, the checkout people check I can handle carrying it.  I find this rather funny given that I make sure I do a grocery shop when I feel up to it.  There have been plenty of times, in the past, I have struggled and no one offered help then.  

I think things must be getting quite competitive in the retail space and businesses are beginning to take note.  I note that Big W (major Australian retailer) has announced the loss of 180 jobs in the next few months by consolidating management jobs.  Interesting times ahead.

I finally felt up to walking the dog so we went on a ramble.  If I am honest, I went for a bit of a look at the neighborhood and because I can feel myself widening by the day without enough exercise.  I feel gloomy if I do not go for regular walks.  It's any wonder the dog's always jumping when she sees me with her lead in my hand.

I also managed to get to tidying up the garden which looks much better for my little bit of sweeping, raking leaves, putting things away and pruning.  After my gardening caper, I brought in enough wood for the fire for the next few days and then made a very boring healthy dinner.  It's got me craving chocolate.  For the moment, I am drinking herbal tea and being content.

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