I made: gluten free pasta

I could not be bothered going to the supermarket today.  I felt like a pasta dish would be perfect with the few ingredients I had left to eat so I made some.

I made the gluten free pasta from all purpose gluten free flour (about half a cup) one egg and a splash of olive oil (around a tablespoon).  AND, it worked.  Mixed it all up with a spoon, kneaded it for a minute, rolled out on a generously dusted board and boiled for a few minutes after cutting into strips.  I am currently drying some more on a baking airing rake for another dish as it should be better with air drying.  Ideally this would be made the night before and left to dry but I was hungry.

I've never made decent gluten free pasta and had it work before.  Very happy with the result.  Glad I skipped the super market too!

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