FOMO (Fear of missing out) makes me grumpy

I was determined that when I started looking for my tiny abode I would be content with:

  • something safe and livable
  • easy to heat (cosy)
  • just enough space inside
  • generous block
  • preferably a view but a feeling of privacy being most important, or the ability to create privacy
  • happy to change decor
  • happy to do reasonable updates
  • light and airy - sunlight
The above is still my list.  One of the most important for me is to be near a shop or two and preferably a pharmacy.  Well, I was physically looking the other day and then more online and completely fell for the trap so many do, I freaked out and quickly concluded that I would never find a place on the edge of civilization in my budget.  Then, in a fit of panic, I booked myself in to see a place in the wilderness.  The one thing I want, I was willing to sacrifice for an hour or two.  I even told The Head Gardener I was calm while my blood pressure was ratcheting up nicely.

I could feel the blood pulsing through my system so I did the only thing that's worth doing under those circumstances and made myself a cup of tea and had a chat with myself.  I've decided that it's all too easy to believe that I will not get what I want.  While I am willing to comprimise on nearly everything, I really do feel that if I am going to put my hard won money into something then I think I should be happy with it.

I am going to stay calm and find something I like.  There are new properties on the market all time and despite the speculating by invested parties it seems some have gone bankrupt.  One of the properties I looked at has been repossessed by the bank.  Another was desperate to sell.  I am in it for the long haul and I will not panic buy property.  I also note that land releases are happening all the time and many properties are being offered to the market at a loss.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that some properties will not sell unless newly built properties are sold at a loss.  I will not panic.  I will stay calm and limit my exposure to speculative analysis.

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