A very painful Tuesday

I feel vaguely human today.  My Tuesday was spent in so much pain.  I am grateful I had a fire to warm myself by, and food in my stomach.

I remembered to massage my feet and around the lymph glands that were sore.  I have been doing stretching exercises reminiscent of Pilates and Yoga to help get my body moving.  I also remembered to take some bicarb soda to help my body rid itself of nasty sludge efficiently.  I am awaiting more foot patches via ebay as I have run out and using Swisse brand Liver Tonic which is proving helpful.

I ordered my groceries online but forgot to buy more potatoes and I wanted a little plain mineral water.  I can live without both but might by some mineral water next time I get petrol.  I do love the taste of mineral water, filtered water comes a good second.  Fridge chilled mineral water has to be one of my favorite things to consume when I have a sore throat.  Unfortunately with Chronic Fatigue I find a sore throat with swollen glands a regular occurrence.

To help keep my brain young and playful I brought out my colorful pen and created some original artwork.  Perhaps it's not my best work but it's good for the soul.  Jazz, a wood fire and playful colors are three things to be grateful for.

Disclaimer: while the above approach may work for me, those seeking medical advice and treatment should consult professional medical staff.

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