5 kilos on in 5 seconds

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my body can put on weight irrespective of nutrition and exercise.  I've just upped my thyroid medication dose to deal with winter.  I put on the most extraordinary amount of weight in a few days with long strenuous walks and healthy food choices (lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, enough protein and carbs).  Then the insomnia hit hard too.  I've only raised if for a day and already feel better having got a good nights sleep.  Thankfully, I got onto it relatively early.  A major crash of chronic fatigue may also be placing my thyroid under undue stress and causing the need for more thyroid medication.

Here's some articles about winter and thyroid conditions that you may find interesting:

1)  Winterize your thyroid by verywell.com:


2)  The annual winter blues, by Miss Lizzy:


3)  Upping your thyroid hormone in winter, for hypothyroid patients is backed up by respected medical research:


4)  Remember to keep an eye on Vitamin D levels in winter.  Lack of Vitamin D can cause bone aches, depression and lack of energy:


Disclaimer:  This blog is for general interest purposes only.  For professional medical advice and treatment contact a qualified medical professional/s/.

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