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I made: gluten free pasta

I could not be bothered going to the supermarket today.  I felt like a pasta dish would be perfect with the few ingredients I had left to eat so I made some.

I made the gluten free pasta from all purpose gluten free flour (about half a cup) one egg and a splash of olive oil (around a tablespoon).  AND, it worked.  Mixed it all up with a spoon, kneaded it for a minute, rolled out on a generously dusted board and boiled for a few minutes after cutting into strips.  I am currently drying some more on a baking airing rake for another dish as it should be better with air drying.  Ideally this would be made the night before and left to dry but I was hungry.

I've never made decent gluten free pasta and had it work before.  Very happy with the result.  Glad I skipped the super market too!

No guilt - we'll advocate (edited)

As I type this, it's nearly one o'clock in the morning.  My guess is that by the time I press publish it will be a little closer to dawn.  I've been missing from my blog for a few days due to severe chronic fatigue punctuated by some really good moments.

Under the guidance and prescription of my doctor, after asking politely, we are trialing yet another hormone protocol (slow release thyroxine -T4- and fast release incremental doses of tertoxin which is active thyroid hormone also known as T3).  I think it may work overall.  So far, the benefits outweigh the side effects which seem to include upping the chronic fatigue pain and fatigue in intensity but not duration.  When I am up and about again, after crashing and struggling with sleep, I can feel some of my old self.  I can only hope this works, but it's early days and chronic fatigue is still very much with me.

The benefits include feeling like exercising and finding exercise and activity significantly easier.  I am…

The joy of julienne vegetables

While I am listing things that will have to go from my food repertoire, I think I will have to include popcorn and keep corn generally to a minimum.  I do not know why that is, but popcorn seems to traditionally make my tummy unhappy.

I will just have to get excited about carrot sticks and hummus.  As I type, I have some rice cooking for a lunch of simple sushi and I am drinking a cup of green tea and peach tea infused together.  Things are looking up.  I can always get excited about good tea and sushi.

ANZ entitled to charge late fees

Interesting case won by ANZ that ensures they can charge late fees if credit card bills are paid late:

I guess those taking ANZ to court won something, as the bank reduced their fee from $35 to $20 during the course of this action.

Once in a blue moon

I don't know what I was expecting from my body.  History told me that the best way to manage my autoimmune conditions was to be dairy free, gluten free, low FODMAP, no peanuts, no oats.  It seemed like my body was coping with me adding in everything except gluten.  Unfortunately, that clearly was not the case.

After only being off dairy for a day my body looks like it's lost five kilograms, and the stomach pain is subsiding.  Today, or tomorrow, I will go and get some l-glutamine powder to heal my gut properly and then I will have to continue being strict.  I know in the past I seemed to get away with a little soy milk in my tea but I'm not sure whether or not to reintroduce that, or just switch to oolong which I can drink without milk.  I do like to hit the black tea when I feel stressed or just need to relax. Sometimes it even helps me to sleep.

Yesterday, I drank black espresso coffee and today I added a teaspoon of coconut milk.  It's put me off coffee a bit.  It s…

Go Moo!

Dang and blast, I think I might have to give up dairy again.  I've done everything else I can think of and my body is not happy.  My puffer fish face has gone down a little but my body is still bloated and unhappy.

Anyway, this might help you, if you are going to get off dairy for a few days and see if it makes a difference.  This article is aimed at Hashimoto's patients:

I was enjoying being vaguely normal.  I guess it's time to once again embrace being a little individual.  Wish me luck!

Quiet mortgage rate rises - Australia (AFR)

Crash and a half

I am in the midst of a ME/CFS/SEID crash, and it's no fun.  No fun at all.  I'm relieved I do not have to look for work but how could I?  I just spent most of the last 48 hours in bed and I still feel like I have a hangover minus the pleasure of alcohol.

I'm drinking herbal teas with a bit of honey, plenty of milky tea and coffee depending on which one I crave because I do not need caffeine withdrawal on top of things.  Most food is fruit and vegetable heavy with the odd bit of protein and some carbohydrate.  If I am too tired to eat anything else and my blood sugar starts to drop, then I am hitting the yogurt with a few oats and fruit thrown in for good measure.  I will start eating some boiled eggs too, to keep the protein to a healthy level, and it's easy to prepare and easy to eat.

I've just ordered some food online.  There seems to have been an upsurge in people ordering online and I will have to wait longer than I would like to get new supplies.  In the mean…

Puffer fish stage

I went for a very long walk yesterday up the hills and down again in the pursuit of sunshine.  The experience left me a little worse for wear so unfortunately I missed some of this morning's cool sunbeams.  When I finally surfaced, one cup of coffee with the paper and real estate guide was a feat I managed.  No long walks for me today, it's taken all day to recover.

While watching a police based documentary I did managed to do some light weights.  My thyroid related weight gain is something I am determined to reduce back to a more comfortable weight.  As it's mainly water, I feel like a small bloated balloon bobbing along determinedly!  Or as I like to call it, my puffer fish face stage*.

According to weather forecasters we can expect another cold front tomorrow.  In preparation for a possible power outage I have the heater going at full kick and one and a half day's worth of wood inside.  My clothes are drying a few meters away and I should have enough warm things and…

A very painful Tuesday

I feel vaguely human today.  My Tuesday was spent in so much pain.  I am grateful I had a fire to warm myself by, and food in my stomach.

I remembered to massage my feet and around the lymph glands that were sore.  I have been doing stretching exercises reminiscent of Pilates and Yoga to help get my body moving.  I also remembered to take some bicarb soda to help my body rid itself of nasty sludge efficiently.  I am awaiting more foot patches via ebay as I have run out and using Swisse brand Liver Tonic which is proving helpful.

I ordered my groceries online but forgot to buy more potatoes and I wanted a little plain mineral water.  I can live without both but might by some mineral water next time I get petrol.  I do love the taste of mineral water, filtered water comes a good second.  Fridge chilled mineral water has to be one of my favorite things to consume when I have a sore throat.  Unfortunately with Chronic Fatigue I find a sore throat with swollen glands a regular occurrence…

Monday's post

I knew that wild windy weather as forecast for today.  The rain clouds looked ominous too, so I wanted to get out and run my errands and then come back here and fall asleep in front of the fire. Actually, I came back and boosted the fire and now I am watching the animals stretch and snooze in front of it.

I was able to get everything I needed from the pharmacy and then I decided to buy a little yarn to play with in front of the fire tonight.  It's in pretty colors that I am hoping to turn into something fun and colorful.

For brunch today I made some gluten free pikelets.  My mum used to make these all the time for morning and afternoon teas.  This recipe is the basic recipe I use:

More action on my goals

I've had a week of it this week.  Due to extreme fatigue and pain, combined with stormy weather, I have been unable to walk the dog much.  After spending the entire morning in bed, I managed a sun drenched walk, and met some of the neighborhood children that were attracted to the dog like a moth to a flame.  It was so good to meet a few lovely, articulate, genuinely friendly young children.  There is certainly cause to have hope for the future of the country.

I was planning on looking at more land and sheds this week but my body has had other ideas.  After discussing it with The Head Gardener, I made another large contribution towards my education debt today in order to pay off more than the accumulating interest.

Tomorrow, I need to go to the pharmacy.  I would have bought my script and vitamins online except I forgot that I need the script filled tomorrow and the vitamins I want are currently not in stock online. Delivery by a pharmacy is certainly a helpful service for the futu…

Personal insolvencies rise in Australia

Personal insolvencies rise for the first time since the global financial crisis - Business - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Staying on track

In the interest of being accountable, I just paid a little more off my student loan debt.  It says quite a bit that I am finding staying focused on buying a dwelling and paying off some of my HECS (Australian Government funded loans for University).

I do admit that I would just like to not have the student debt.  This is the nature of debt though, once you are wise enough to realize the enormity of debt, you have debt.  So I am trying to just accept the situation and remain grateful that I was able to live in country where I could go to school safely.  Even if University was expensive, I was safe, and that's got to be worth something.

One of the main reasons I can even try and pay my HECS off is due to the little extra I get on the disability pension combined fewer medical bills at the moment and I am being careful with the few resources I have.  I could not even try and pay off my debt if I did not have those ducks in a row.

Things could easily change in a moment which is why I…

Written by candlelight in a blackout

It’s 11 pm on the 12th of July and I am trying to write this blog by candlelight on my laptop.  This is proving a bit challenging but thankfully I am a reasonable touch typist as long as I sit up at a desk.  As I suspected might happen, a half hour before it did, the power went out.  I was fairly prepared for a power outage except for stocking the freezer with meat in the hope we would not get a power outage.  I was under the impression that the worst of the predicted snow storm was going to be elsewhere. 
When the wind started to really pick up a couple of hours ago, I did think to charge up my laptop and my mobile.  With power saving mode on my mobile, I have two days of mobile battery capacity if I am careful.  I have been checking the power company updates but it looks like they will be working overtime trying to fix problems in this weather (soon after I wrote this, my mobile coverage was lost). 
I've tried twice to go to bed already, and I am tired as I made sure I exerci…

5 kilos on in 5 seconds

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my body can put on weight irrespective of nutrition and exercise.  I've just upped my thyroid medication dose to deal with winter.  I put on the most extraordinary amount of weight in a few days with long strenuous walks and healthy food choices (lots of vegetables, fresh fruit, enough protein and carbs).  Then the insomnia hit hard too.  I've only raised if for a day and already feel better having got a good nights sleep.  Thankfully, I got onto it relatively early.  A major crash of chronic fatigue may also be placing my thyroid under undue stress and causing the need for more thyroid medication.

Here's some articles about winter and thyroid conditions that you may find interesting:

1)  Winterize your thyroid by

2)  The annual winter blues, by Miss Lizzy:

3)  Upping your thyroid ho…

Flourless chocolate orange goodness

Just adapted a basic flourless peanut butter biscuit.  So good.I melted 1/2 cup smooth peanut butter, about a teaspoon of olive oil, teaspoon of butter, and 1/2 cup of marmalade (instead of sugar).  Once melted together add a few drops of vanilla essence, stir until cool enough to quickly mix in an egg.  Add a tablespoon of quality cocoa and pinch of salt to the mix.Spoon heaped teaspoon sizes onto a greased tray, cook in a cool  oven for a few minutes until cooked.Not too sweet, highly addictive, high energy, easy chocolate fudge like goodness. Yum, biscuits without going to the shop to buy flour!

More weather

There's more weather coming our way this week, with the BOM (Bureau of Meterology) predicting that there may be snow to sea level in some areas on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Clearly weather is always with us, but exciting weather is where it's at.  Hopefully the heavier than average rainfall predicted for the north of the state is not damaging to people or property.  Our emergency services are geared up for unpredictable weather though.

I was not planning on going out today which is just as well as I feel distinctly hit by chronic fatigue due to a gentle but solid effort of walking yesterday.  I definitely had planned to travel the state on the two days severe weather is likely to hit us.  Instead I will be warming myself by the wood heater with the cat, and the dog if the weather is as cold as it sounds.

I'm on my second cup of coffee and for breakfast I microwaved gluten free pasta with a little stock and frozen peas.  I mixed in a small spoonful of pesto and greek yogurt a…

Reading picks - iced tea inspiration

I'm noticing enthusiasm for iced tea on blogs in the northern hemisphere.  As I lightly shiver by the wood fire I am trying to get moving, my guess is the hot weather in the US and other places has much to do with the iced tea phenomenon.  So, with that in mind and a hot cup of coffee by my side as I type, here are some articles to keep you inspired to make your own iced tea concoctions:

1) Iced tea recipes, including herbal infusions, from the tea company, Lipton tea:

2) From Australian online recipe collection, Mint and Lime Iced Tea:

3) Luxurious Thai Style Iced Tea:

4) Easy, no sugar, no fuss, cold brew tea from  I think I might try this in a moment!  I like something non-alcoholic, low sugar in a fancy glass at night after dinner.  Last night it was fizzy minera…

Reading picks - nutritious eating on a budget

I regularly need encouragement and inspiration to eat nutrient dense food and stay on a budget.  Please note: the dollar amount in these articles generally refers to the USD, portion sizes and will vary from place to place.
Here's some articles that might help you:
1) From the Dieticians' Association of Australia:
2) 15 foods for about $2 from WebMD:
3) Tips to eat well on a budget from Huffington Post:
4) 44 Nutrient dense foods, under $1: 
5) Family food on a tight budget:
Circumstances are different for everyone.  It's difficult to cook everything if you do no…

I walked, I shopped, and I gardened

Dragging my feet today I went to the nearest shopping center and kept on driving.  I just could not stand how busy it all was, so I went to a much smaller complex.  I bought some heavy and healthy foods.  It seems to me, the less processed the food the heavier it is.  Lately, the checkout people check I can handle carrying it.  I find this rather funny given that I make sure I do a grocery shop when I feel up to it.  There have been plenty of times, in the past, I have struggled and no one offered help then.  

I think things must be getting quite competitive in the retail space and businesses are beginning to take note.  I note that Big W (major Australian retailer) has announced the loss of 180 jobs in the next few months by consolidating management jobs.  Interesting times ahead.

I finally felt up to walking the dog so we went on a ramble.  If I am honest, I went for a bit of a look at the neighborhood and because I can feel myself widening by the day without enough exercise.  I fe…

Mortgage scam

Stories filtering out fairly quietly about fraudulently written mortgages.  These practices increase the risk to the housing market, in my opinion, and remind me of stories written about the GFC in the USA.

Reading picks - denouncing mortgages

1)  I have to share with you this website that I have only had a cursory look at.  How can I not share the work of someone who writes the following?

"My name is Kim and I denounce large, cumbersome home mortgages to the point where I've developed quite a passion for small living and the frugal lifestyle. Being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is something I've always wanted to avoid."

I denounce large mortgages too!

2)  I am yet to explore this blog either, but this article on living small and eating is worth reading:

3)  Take your time making big decisions:

4) Tiny home, little money inspiration:

5)  People living well with less.  Well worth a re…

FOMO (Fear of missing out) makes me grumpy

I was determined that when I started looking for my tiny abode I would be content with:

something safe and livableeasy to heat (cosy)just enough space insidegenerous blockpreferably a view but a feeling of privacy being most important, or the ability to create privacyhappy to change decorhappy to do reasonable updateslight and airy - sunlight The above is still my list.  One of the most important for me is to be near a shop or two and preferably a pharmacy.  Well, I was physically looking the other day and then more online and completely fell for the trap so many do, I freaked out and quickly concluded that I would never find a place on the edge of civilization in my budget.  Then, in a fit of panic, I booked myself in to see a place in the wilderness.  The one thing I want, I was willing to sacrifice for an hour or two.  I even told The Head Gardener I was calm while my blood pressure was ratcheting up nicely.
I could feel the blood pulsing through my system so I did the only thing th…

How to lose $42 million

More food for thought regarding spending in housing: