Third cup instant vanilla coffee goodness

Drinking my third cup of homemade quality instant coffee today.  One was a flavored vanilla coffee sachet, even made the next cup vanilla flavored.  Nice to be able to drink coffee without getting dressed up and going out.  Still a little hit by chronic fatigue today so being a home body.

I spent the morning making some freezer meals for my worst days and a few oatmeal cookies.  I had to throw the first batch out because I underestimated the oven I am using.  Turns out this oven bakes like hell!  Well, I turned down the second batch to baked-by-sun setting and just managed to get them out again and edible.

Ate a bag of microwave popcorn the other day that I found lying around asking to be eaten.  I will buy more next time I feel like a easy, relatively healthy snack.  Tasted better than I would have thought and most of the corn popped.  No burnt pan, or machine to put away, and clean.  Loving the microwave popcorn.

Made some phone calls and followed up some emails I needed to do.  Soon, I will do a little more cleaning as I am planning on spending time with The Head Gardener this evening.  I managed to sleep for five hours last night which was a relief.  It only took four cups of chamomile to knock me to sleep. 

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