Suburban lights

I took this photo of suburban Kingston, with the shops glittering in the background and ominous rain clouds gathering in my direction.  Such a pretty sight before the suburb goes to sleep.

Things I did that were low cost yesterday:

1) I went for a walk and took a picture of the lights which was inspiring

2) Sent some emails to stay in touch with people

3) Knitting a blanket to give away

4) Drank vanilla flavored coffee sachets (New Moccona - lower in sugar than the other brands I found in store).  I do not have my coffee machine with me and this is an easy way to have a treat for low cost, low calorie.

5) All I want to do in winter is stay inside and eat, and eat, and eat some more.  I ate high fibre food and drank plenty of water yesterday.  My main treat was flavored coffee, though I have been indulging in a little too much dairy after deciding I needed to reduce it.  

6) I found out how to use the fan on the wood heater, so it's quiet and efficient.

7) I did use the electric heating yesterday because it was not as cold during the day and I only needed the heater on for a little while

8) The animals I am looking after continue to train me.  The cat in particular seems to have read a book entitled "How To Frustrate And Control Your Cat Person, In Five Easy Steps."

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