Staying cool

I'm keeping warm with difficulty at the moment due to record breaking cold days.  Yesterday, I thought my thyroid might have been playing up but apparently it was the coldest day since the early nineties.  Boy, did it feel cold.  I had hot drinks, thermal top, polar fleece, slippers, a sporadic wood heater, blanket and hot water bottle and I was still cold with a cat on my lap.

I do love the ambiance of a wood fire.  The work involved in getting and keeping a wood fire going, is quite a lot.  Mind, I think the wood may be a little green.  The animals are content sleeping by it.  I think a pellet heater is worth considering if you like the look but hate the work involved.  I actually do not mind bringing in the wood too much as it's good exercise.

Even though it's cool, I am making sure I exercise.  Since dinner, I've just been drinking herbal tisanes. One more and to sleep.

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