Small things that make me happy and content

Small things that make me happy and content the last few days:

  • uplifting music playing (as I type)
  • fizzy mineral water and/or filtered water - My taste buds notice the difference and it's better to use filtered water to make espresso.  Coffee tastes better and the machine will thank you. 
  • managed to find meat on special and freeze for future meals
  • found bananas on special, eating with oats and yogurt for breakfast, can freeze and make into muffins/ banana bread
  • grabbed my Italian pod machine (Lavazza) and enjoyed quality morning coffee, sugar free
  • spent the morning in the garden lapping up the winter sunshine
  • speaking to friendly people on the phone and in person
  • hundreds of herbal tea bags (not quite!)
  • leftovers for dinner (no cooking tonight)
  • will make some yogurt later for one fifth of the price of bought and low in sugar

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