Rainy day activities

Assuming that you, and yours are safe and on relatively dry ground, then you may find the need for some indoor activity inspiration.  As I type, someone I know is braving the wet weather to go for a run.  I might add, that where he is has not had a severe weather warning, yet.

Me?  I'm inside seeing how much caffeine I can drink before it leaks out my ears.  Also, I've prepped dinner and tried to take a photo of a couple of camera shy birds.  The cutest little things.  

Here are some links with some very good ideas to keep you inspired while the weather pelts down:



You could (from my child hood):

  1. Let your older children make playpens, pretend inside tents - help younger children make them 
  2. Let your children play hide and seek (obviously you need out of bounds areas if they are unsafe, and it's best to supervise these games)
  3. Have toy construction kits, toy houses and dolls/ bears, toy trains and toy cars for children to play with - hours of fun and imagination.  
  4. Books - they can read books and create their own story and illustrate it.  I can see the benefit of having a set of child focused reference books.  Even old encyclopedia's may have their place for young.
  5. Drawing, drawing, drawing
  6. If it's safe to do so, then take your children for a walk in the rain, or at least outside in your back yard.  At the moment, it's not safe for most areas. 
  7. Make play dough 
  8. Craft projects from scraps of wool and material you may have 
  9. Encourage children to make collages from magazines and newspapers, old calenders
  10. Popcorn, or some other homemade treat, and a movie
For adults, indoor exercise can be achieved with exercise videos, free weights, pilates and other stretches.  Make sure you know the correct techniques to minimize injuries.  You can also walk up and down stairs and march on the spot while watching TV.


Always ensure that activities are age appropriate, safe and appropriately supervised.

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