Oolong tea and a hot bath

Is there a better way to start the day than a soak in a hot bath?  The answer to that is yes, but not many better ways when you feel like you recently had a skirmish with a truck and came off second best.  Then I drank a rose infused black tea by Dilmah and now I am trialing Madame Flavor's Caramel Oolong tea which is seriously good (even sweeter as I bought both teas on special).

I had quite the chronic fatigue crash yesterday and my body decided to do it properly so I was snoozing on the couch by 8 pm at night after I spent the afternoon napping much to the consternation of the dog who likes to know that I am about.  I awoke a couple of hours after my sleep on the couch with the TV blaring to find the cat and dog contently snoozing nearby.  Going to bed did not impress the dog who was soon asleep after I ignored her yaps for unnecessary food.  I have discovered the hard way that it pays to feed this dog enough or she eats far more than she needs, her eyes are definitely bigger than her stomach!

I've just looked up the health benefits of Oolong tea and it's reputedly particularly good for someone with my health profile.  Apparently it may help clear up eczema and dermatitis, improve bone density, protect against teeth decay, reduce risk of cancer, help some people manage diabetes, encourage the body to detoxify, prevent heart disease and encourage good mental performance.  It's ability to boost mental performance is great for me in the midst of a chronic fatigue crash.  It's also purported to be good at fat blasting and contains nutrients beneficial to thyroid patients.  There you are, I learn something new every day!

Article on the potential health benefits of Oolong tea


You can drink too much tea and some people may find caffeine gives them the jitters.  If you have chronic health issues it's best to talk to a doctor before changing your diet and lifestyle.  Doctors recommend that healthy adults drink no more than five cups of tea a day, no more than two if pregnant.

For safety information and better health information:


I do love flavored teas.  As per usual, always consult medical professionals for treatment and medical advice.

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