No tooth fairy

Today, I had an eventful trip to the dentist.  As I suspected, my baby tooth had to be extracted.  I also had a couple of small fillings, and another few to go.  My teeth are in a less than fabulous state, and I believe some, if not all of it, is due to Coeliac Disease.  Certainly, the inability of my baby teeth to be seeded by adult teeth, with a couple missing can unfortunately be attributed to the condition.

I am incredibly grateful that my parents prioritized health in a way that their parents did not.  I would say that their parents did the best they could for their children but lacked the knowledge and understanding of my parents.  My grand parents' generation also lacked the education in oral hygiene that has followed for my generation.  

My mum, and I believe the health department at the time, gave me school dentists.  Unfortunately for me, due to my Coeliac Disease, most of my baby teeth had to be extracted, some with long roots on them.  I am grateful that I was provided with basic dental care but the care then was third rate compared to the private dental care I received today.  I certainly was never given any follow care instructions, insufficient pain relief and no follow up pain relief which is absurd when I think about it now.  While my visit cost me a few hundred after the health fund thankfully contributed, it was money well spent.

Please ensure your children receive regular dental checks from age one with a dentist, preferably private and highly recommended by other people you trust in the community.  Your children will not care in thirty years, that they did not go to theme parks, they will care if they do not have good teeth.

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