Fruit and vegetables with a splash of resentment

Finally hauled myself to the supermarket.  As I went to bed early, and woke up early, I am not any healthier or wiser.  I was happy though to discover that early winter mornings are the most enjoyable time of day to shop.  There was hardly anyone in store and most of the staff were fresh and bushy tailed.  Most of the produce was at its freshest too which was good!

I've paid off my first and only payment towards my university degree debt.  I do resent paying for it when my parents generation enjoyed not just free education and training but guaranteed secure paid employment at the end of it.  I also resent it as more young people pour into higher education the employment outcomes are plummeting and the value of the qualification is weakened.

I did pay for my TAFE qualification which was capped and subsidized and found that far more useful.  I'm trying to view my University payment as just one of those bills I must pay but it's expensive and the government applies interest on the debt every eleven months.  The interest payments do give me incentive to work to pay it off.

One more resentment with my University payment is that I made sacrifices to be there and had I not made those sacrifices I would have been much better off during the course of the qualification.  All I can say, is if you want to learn how to save money, be a student when I was.  There is now better support for students and families which is a good thing but when I was studying there was little between the ages of 18 and 22.  I would have been better off if I had stayed home and studied my navel.

To my US readers, yes, my debt is nothing compared to most of yours and I should probably just get on with paying it off.  I will add though, that your graduate outcomes are zillions times better than those for most Australians.

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