Floods - Tasmania/ Australia

As I type, people are being evacuated from their homes, there has been loss of life in other states.  Forecasters are expecting things to get worse north of the state and roads are closed state-wide.

The Head Gardener is at the dentist and I will be relieved when she returns and my dad is likely out and about getting ready for what will hopefully be the trip of a lifetime (in the best way possible).  Emergency services, and I, would recommend that you avoid driving today.  Without question, avoid driving in flood effected areas.

Reportedly, the army is being brought in to deal with flooding in the north of the state.  It looks possible that a major river system near New Norfolk may also burst its banks.  It's all go for emergency services.

In other states there has been some loss of life reported and to those families I can only offer my sincerest condolences.  To people whose houses have been swept away (these reports are not clear) in NSW, I only hope that you have supportive family and friends that can get you through this.  For support services, I suggest contacting Centrelink, The Salvation Army and your local neighbourhood house.   The Salvation Army and St Vincent will offer vouchers for their op-shops once your situation has been confirmed by authorities.  Food banks are also a useful service under the circumstances. The health department is also a useful resource.

I am thankfully sitting in a house on the hill, that has been close to flooding before, but has since had drains added, so we should be good.  The only good thing, is that assuming we do not have damaging winds, the water tank will be full, and our dams will be full.  The hydro electric system being full is little consolation if you have no power and no shelter.  

Times like this, it is useful to have insurance and an emergency savings account.  I know it's not always tenable but it's worth aiming to have one.  I found it fairly impossible while a student and on unemployment benefits (always had a tiny fund though which covered most emergencies and always saved significant proportion of casual work money).  Most other people should be able to save a little for a very rainy day.



Disclaimer: While I have done my best to reflect the current news, please contact government news sources for information.  Under these circumstances, information can change quickly.

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