Dumbing down my smart phone

I enjoy using my smart phone for phone calls, it has a quality rarely seen in my previous dumb phone incarnations.  Even though I still specialise in twelve second conversations with my nearest and dearest (because I am usually on my way to see them) with the odd text to alleviate the boredom, it's really lovely to be able to hear people talking.  Half my conversations with old technology involved the word "pardon?", or "what" if I was getting particularly frustrated.  Though to be fair, I usually just spent my time, and my phone credit, apologising about the rubbish quality of my phone with absolutely no commitment to buy another phone until my current one went west (kaput a.k.a gone).  I was not going to spend a thousand dollars on a phone!!!  Thankfully the price has only been going down.

So, I like talking on the phone and hearing people, I even like the little pictures I can send.  I love the camera on the phone, so people look like people, and I love the nature sound apps which cost me nothing other than download money.  They are now full of advertisements but thankfully I can use the apps without buying anything by just ignoring the advertisements.

The thing that was driving me bonkers was social media updating me every five seconds and messenger messages.  For my sanity's sake I removed the social media app (called something like faceslap) and messenger, and I have never been so happy with my phone.  While I was at it, I removed the Netflix app to get rid of the temptation to sign up again.  I still use iview on my phone and Ten Play to catch up on one program.  Though, I've decided I'm not that addicted to the program, so I am thinking about removing that app too!

When I outlined my frustration, and my resulting action to The Head Gardener, THG suggested that I might be "smarter than my phone".  I like to think THG could be right.


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