Bye, bye savings

After extensive nagging to The Head Gardener, to go to the dentist, I've been forced to follow my own advice and book in for treatment tomorrow.  I've been putting it off, but hopefully a fair amount will be paid out by my health insurance, which is why I have it.  Unfortunately, I will need implants in the future and I think that may be all my savings gone if I go with the private system like I want to.

It's pretty frustrating when you work hard to save the little I have and it just leaves my account on necessary, and boring, but potentially life enhancing medical and dental costs.  I am grateful to have the money there to spend on important items which is why I get frustrated with other people who have so much more and waste it on tat, rather than at least save a little for times like this.

I also paid for my car registration which thankfully attracts a concession fee but again, still not cheap!  I would like to get ahead and keep my savings in my account to turn into a tiny home but at the moment that looks more like a dream, than reality.

Given the tragic news in Tasmania and the rest of Australia, I am incredibly glad that I am safe, and dry.

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