Basics of life, sorted

Feeling a bit hit-by-train as I like to call one of my more severe chronic fatigue/ SEID episodes.  I suspected that I would crash today and I did, and spent the wee hours of the morning in the bath and then half the day in bed due to exhaustion and insomnia.

I've been doing quite a bit of cleaning, one way and another, and my body has had quite enough.  Resting today, though I did managed to do a quick vacuum as the animals I am looking after tend to be a bit messy.  Using a quality stick vacuum, I really would recommend buying yourself a Bosch cyclonic stick vacuum, so easy to use.  I've also been learning to use a steam mop, they really are quite brilliant, much easier than a normal mop.

If you ever need to get on a cat's good side I recommend 'Fancy Feast'.  Getting rid of them after they discover that you are the source of such good eating may be difficult.  It will certainly stopped this cat from her usual sulk that her owners are away.  One very happy cat.

Been eating some slight funny food the last couple of days.  Bought myself plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, a bit of fish and mince, yogurt and have plenty of eggs and mineral water.  No excuses for bad eating choices with these available.  I've also bought plenty of herbal tea bags on special and enough coffee to keep an army hyper.

The night and early morning in Hobart were so cold that I had the wood heater and a hot water bottle on my lap!  Ordered some yarn over the internet for a knitting project while the weather is cold.

I returned some money to my savings account from my trip to the dentist.  I've another coming up in the next week unfortunately.  So much fear involved in going to the dentist.  This time, as I expect to only need minor fillings, I may reward myself with limited op-shopping and/or some more plain sparkling mineral water (love it).

I'm stocked up on food, and toasty in Hobart.  I hope this finds you well.

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