Annoys supermarkets

I seem to be going online with a list and a plan to buy some groceries, placing things in the virtual basket and then deciding that I really do have enough to be going on with.  At some point soon I will need to get myself some milk and yogurt and a few more vegetables but in the meantime it's kind of nice to have enough and not have to go out in the winter chill.

Compared to other places in the world Hobart's winter's are generally fairly mild.  Certainly it does get incredibly cold in other parts of the state and we do get 0 degree temperatures every now and then.  This winter has already been one of the coldest for over twenty years.

I've decided that I would like to get my University debt down in the next few years, or at least pay some off to keep the interest on the debt at bay.  It's not as big a debt as I thought and a bit of pain to pay off but that's another goal that's keeping me away from shops and no doubt frustrating their IT team with my virtual window shopping.

Instead of buying cat food today I fed the cat cooked chicken meat.  My avoidance of the shops can only see an increase in cat happiness.

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