A helpful book

Yesterday, instead of physically going to the library, where I have read most of the books (not such an exaggeration, I love a good book, or fifty to read over a weekend) I decided to borrow, and read some books from the online resource.  Thankfully the state library are adding e-books all the time.

One of the three books I read yesterday, was 'Don't Eat This If You're Taking That' which is a useful guide by medical scientists on the interaction of food and medicine.  It provides easy to understand and implement lifestyle guidelines for people with conditions related to:
 anti-depressants; pain relief; blood thinners; diabetes management; heart burn; blood pressure; cholesterol management and heart disease management.

I found it a really informative book and well worth reading to better understand the above.  I think everyone would benefit from reading  this book, particularly the chapter relating to pain relief.  While beneficial to patients with these conditions, the book is designed with general medical professionals in mind.  Easy to understand and easy to implement strategies.  5 stars

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