World of pain

I often read comments around the world wide web from people who experience fatigue, or more accurately tiredness in most cases, and self diagnose and identify as chronically fatigued.  What they do not know is that 70 percent of general medical doctors' visits are due to tiredness and fatigue.  Feeling regular fatigue can be a symptom of endless things.
At moments like this with my glands inflamed and highly painful, with my legs aching like I have been in a fight, not just rest and a short walk down the street, and feeling like I have acid for blood, I wish people understood how insulting self diagnosis is.  Equally you do yourself no favors ignoring medical knowledge and possibly finding the solution to your symptoms.
Please go to a doctor, and by all means get a second or third opinion if you struggle with low energy.  Then look up the medical definition of ME/CFS and understand that we make up a tiny proportion of patients.  We would not wish this on anyone.

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