Weekend Reading Picks: small spaces, detention and school and cyclone proof shelter

1) Some good ideas for people with limited floor space:

2) I find this article, and the concept of a school in a detention facility, surprisingly inspiring.  Given the good order that seems to be the flavor of this facility, it's a shame that more mainstream public schools, lack this level of support for students (based on anecdotal evidence and my own reading).


3) This article is appropriate give the rain and wind battering our windows.  Thankfully, not cyclone proof and we badly need the rain here.  Incredibly grateful for rain given the drought conditions of recent months.
Australians create cyclone proof shelters:

4) If nothing else, the comments that follow this article put a smile on my face.  In particular, the responses from the home designer, who strikes me as a very smart woman indeed.
Small family living space on an equally tiny budget (what's not to love?):


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