Three winter warmers

Some easy and fairly affordable ways to cosy up your place this winter:

1) A quality fake wood fire, electric in this case:

2) Hot water bottles!

I do love a good hot water bottle.  Just be careful when filling it, that you do not burn yourself with steam.  Yes, I did do that once, many moons ago.

There's a hot water bottle and cover from Target:

Alternatively, make your own cover from scraps of wool/ acrylic, or an old jumper like my mum did. I have a spare bottle and cover given to me for my birthday.  Hardly surprising to learn that traditionally I've always moaned about the cold (stupid thyroid disease) and people seem to love to give me hot water bottles!

3) Hot drinks!

An insulated drink container and travel mugs may be worth investing in.  I just bought a new KeepCup because the lid of my other one broke after about four years.  That works out around $ 4 per year for something that keeps me on track, can be thrown in the dishwasher, is colorful and
keeps me away from tempting cafe drinking more often than not.  It also means I can walk up and down the stairs without spilling coffee everywhere.  As I bought the traditional one, not the new glass ones, almost zero chance of breakage too.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the above companies.  I do love my keep cup and am looking forward to hopefully receiving my upgraded version this week!

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