Lost: one silver slipper

I'm too tired to check, whether Prince Charming placed a silver slipper, or other shoe on Cinderella's foot.  Needless to say, the title is supposed to allude to the story of the house working woman who blossoms with the help of a fairy godmother.  Some days I could definitely do with a god mother make over, if for no other reason than to not scare people (myself included in the mirror).

I've not exactly been working at quite the Cinderella level.  If I am honest I spent a significant period of this morning drinking coffee and harrumphing at the news' headlines.  I took one look at the windy wild weather and was glad to be able to stay inside.

I did manage to do a few useful tasks the last 48 hours:

  • YOGURT - Made a liter of yogurt from milk and culture (I would say from scratch, yet no milking of cows was involved)
  • BREAD - Made a loaf of gluten free (assuming you include oats) wholemeal bread (one gluten free white bread mix, two cups of oats (Australian Coeliac foundation recommends avoidance) two teaspoons of dry yeast, two tablespoons of raw sugar, around one and a half cups of water, two table spoons of olive oil, pinch salt - mix up, sit in greased pan, in preheated hot oven about 40 minutes.  Cool, slice, eat and freeze)
  • CLEAN - Cleaned the wood stairs (fast, what a job, warmed me up!), vacuumed, went looking for missing library book of The Head Gardener's, still AWOL
  • MYSTERY OF INVISIBLE DIRT - Cleaned my office chair wheels.  I could not figure out why I kept on cleaning my floor and it got ridiculously dirty given I mainly sleep, drink hot drinks and type in the room.  Turns out, my office chair wheels were yuck and now nice and pretty.  It never occurred to me that they would get that dirty.  (All The Head Gardener's [my mum] idea).
  • MADE DINNER mainly vegetables and a bit of yogurt, very healthy.  I have more for tomorrow, all to myself (it's that healthy)
  • HERBAL TEA for dessert because after cleaning the kitchen I could not be bothered making the popcorn I craved.  Saving calories and cleaning effort!

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