Heartless, with brain

Good grief.  I am going to take the high road and not point out the sheer idiocy that seems to drive some social media posts.  Yes, I know, three minutes too long.

Apparently, women would not have full hearts, without the blessing of children.  For a start, while I am not really into the spiritual ideology that is karma, if I was...can I remind people of teenagers.  Now, I've worked with teens a little, and if you feed them well, and treat them with respect, they really can be remarkable people.  Let's be honest though, the teenage and parent relationship, even the best can be strained.  That will be highly entertaining for me.  I do look forward to that, being a cold cow, sorry, empty vessel.

My second point is that I can find plenty to fill my heart.  My nieces, other young children I know, and hopefully positively influence.  The very idea that a person without children has not heart is daft.

My final point is this, I may be without child but thankfully, I have a brain,...and plenty of heart.

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