DIY Coffee Pods (filter coffee) 11 cents each (for Amodo Mio)

You should know that Lavazza states that the machine warranty is void if you do not use their branded pods.

With a little work, I've managed to figure out how to make 11 cent coffee pods (based on buying coffee for $10 per kilogram (2 pounds), at $20 a kg there is still a significant saving).  Admittedly, I do reuse the bottom part of the pod.  The quality of the pod is not as good as the original.  However, given the brand name pods are 67 cents and I've decided I can live with drip coffee quality coffee, at 11 cents they make a satisfying coffee.  They actually make a less bitter coffee and are better tasting black than the brand name Lavazza coffees.  The pods do make better milky coffee, of that I have no doubt.  If you want the taste and experience of the pods, well you pay for it.

When I can not sleep, I have a tendency to try and solve problems that have been bugging me lately.  I could not help feeling that I've been missing a trick with the reusable pod thing.  

In order to reduce my drinks budget I decided to only use pods occasionally and go back to using a traditional filter machine that's sitting in the cupboard. I had originally estimated that the brand name new pods cost around 53 cents each but must have made a mistake, they come to 67 cents each based on average price. 

My pods are the first that produce drinkable coffee and I think are worth the work, particularly if you make them in bulk and save on hot soapy water and mess making.  I only had seven to start with but I have my branded pods to go through and will do a bigger batch next time.

There's a drawing of the concept below (forgot to add coffee, which is compacted between filters) and a picture which should clarify the idea.

How I am reusing Lavazza pod bottoms/
DIY Pods:

1) Take aluminum foil top off and place in recycling, empty pod of coffee and compost.

2) Clean and dry your pod bottoms

3) Using coffee filter paper, trace the top and bottom of the pod and cut out enough for your pods

4) Take a pod bottom, place a filter paper circle flat over holes

5) Add about one and a half heaped teaspoons of espresso ground coffee, gently tamp down

6) place filter paper circle on top, then gently place aluminium foil on top and secure on the sides with sticky tape

7) For really cute home made pods use fun tape on sides
Store in a clean dry container.  With two filter papers, it makes it easy to compost coffee grounds.

As far as I understand, there should be negligible contact with the aluminium foil this way because of the filter paper.  If you are worried you could try a filter paper top and secure on the side with tape (I have not tried this).

There, not bad for 11 cents.  So far I have made up four pods and they all produce drinkable coffee. Particularly nice as a long black.  I used Caffee Aurora Italian style ground coffee which is vacuumed packed and happened to be on special.

Disclaimer: Lavazza recommends you only use their pods.  While all care has been made to explain my method, I can not guarantee that you will create the same result.

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