A little nudge and a rash

I do love to achieve things that I think with a little nudge are a possibility.  I really love to achieve those things when people make the mistake of telling me that they are high on the impossibility scale. Over the last few days, I have managed to save some money, that was my original plan, and I had declared likely impossible.  I think I will meet my goal for this fortnight, it ends in a couple of hours.
I achieved an information result that older and wiser people told me, a couple of emails would not achieve.  Happily I am well on my way to getting the information by the end of this week.  As it was, pursuing it myself would have been a total waste of my time, as I had suspected.  I used my knowledge from a training course and professional experience to great effect.  I love when a plan comes together.

I'm at the home straight with my winter warmer blanket.  It's been such a labor of love I am tempted to keep it.  That it is clearly a labor of love was the point of making it in the first place so it will go to a good home via a local charity soon.

Walking around in a impatient, cheerful, but exhausted state led to a low tolerance of people putting me and others in danger in a retail environment.  I will admit to having a few words and may follow up with management later in the week when I feel more bushy tailed and less steely.  A few choice, polite words, beats someone hurting themselves and quite rightly suing.  I may actually talk to workplace safety authority instead.  I will definitely sleep on that.

Thankfully I got a few hours this afternoon and my purchase of some selenium and vitamin d, both of which  ran out of, have helped my body calm down.  It would appear though that I stopped the olive leaf extract just in time, as my face was covered in a mild allergic rash, and Telfast seems to have cleared it up.  My symptoms have not progressed from that.  I hate to think how I would be tonight had I not made that decision.  

Drinking herbal berry and chamomile tea to calm my mind, body and spirit.

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