A confession and gluten free frugal lasagne

For dinner I made low amine lasagne and because I never have gluten free lasagne sheets on me, and making them was taking domesticity too far, I used parboiled thin slices of potato.  Frustratingly, I had to make it low amine, so no cheese, low (preferably no) tomato sauce and all fresh flavours.  

The white sauce was made using gluten free flour, butter and milk and then towards the end I added home made plain yogurt, a little sour cream, parsley and similar garden greens, grated nutmeg (never use much as it can be toxic http://nutritionfacts.org/2013/10/31/nutmeg-toxicity/ ) and salt and pepper.

The meat sauce was made by browning beef mince, adding diced vegetables, white beans, green tomatoes, fresh oregano, rosemary, chilli and sage and a few other bits and pieces.  I alternated the meat sauce, pre cooked potato slices and white sauce and seconds were requested!  It certainly is worth precooking the potato, I've had a number of disasters from skipping that step, and potatoes are much cheaper than gluten free pasta!

I ate mine with a sprinkling of cheddar on top.  So nice to be able to eat cheese.  Tempting to eat too much.

Here are some gluten free lasagne recipes.  If you cook low amine food then I would either learn substitutions or look up low amine cook guides.

This is a gluten free lasagne recipe, relatively high in amines, easier to cook:

There's this gluten free lasagne from Jamie Oliver:

This one is nice and simple:

This is a twist on gluten free lasagne.  Sounds so good!

My tiny confession is that I've decided to keep my blanket after all.  It's full of scraps from my grandma and every time I look at it, it makes me feel at home, reminds me of her and complements my decor perfectly.  I will have to make another one to give away.  It should not take too long.

It is definitely winter like in Hobart today, so I have it on my lap (without the heater on) and it's keeping me toasty.  I just drank a cup of hot chocolate too, sans sweetener.  Thankfully it rained generously today and it looks like our dams in Tasmania are likely to be back to healthy levels soon.

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