10 cent treat

Last week, I went to the supermarket to top up my supply of Lipton's Forest Fruit tea bags which are a blend of black tea with berry flavours.  I noted that the package now looks much fancier with a price to match.  I decided to change my night cap tea to Rose and Vanilla as Dilmah's blend was on special at the same supermarket.

For around 10 cents a cup, plus a splash of milk, it's quite an affordable night cap.  I often find that I can drink black tea and sleep but coffee and sleep are not compatible for me any more.

What is more, I have all the fancy packaging at less than I originally planned to pay!  Next time I expect the price to go up.  I will stock up on Forest Fruit Tea bags if they are on special again.  It's still a relatively frugal treat.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliation with the above brands, I just enjoy their tea.

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