Yeow - day four on Olive Leaf Extract

Hopefully, this Olive Leaf Extract is worth the almost instant kidney/ liver/ spleen irritation.  Yesterday, I had three cups of coffee in short succession to calm it all down.  Today, after the initial agony it took one cup of bicarb and water, and two cups of coffee.  Now, I feel a little more human and I am drinking a cup of green tea and lemon Myrtle.
I've had antiviral drugs and not noticed a reaction.  Then again, it was a short course for shingles and the chronic fatigue was not apparent at the time.  Every day the reaction to the Extract seems to reduce but it's still intense.
To help my body do it's thing, yesterday I had a bath with Epsom salts thrown in.  I also wore foot patches to bed.  The patches were full of yuck, so the Extract seems to be hitting something hard.  I'm hoping a herbal viral search and destroy approach is going on.

Addition: a few hours later and I am on my forth cup of coffee - dandelion would be better, but none on me.

This did not work for me, see

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