Woman dying from measles in Australia

This case makes me angry.  A young woman dying from measles in a country where a vaccine is available and would have prevented death, and an agonising one at that.

I am told that while my mum vaccinated us as young babies, she did wait a month over the recommendations to ensure we were big enough.  I remember listening to my sister crying over a needle as a baby and I hated listening to her cry.  Tell you what, I would hate her to be dying more.

The fear of vaccination has gone too far.  I understand there are concerns, and there are some vaccines I have not had as an adult because my risk is low e.g. HPV, menningicoccal and the flu vaccine.  I have considered having all of them but remain unconvinced that the flu vaccine will make any major difference.  However, I would definitely have all other vaccines again and I have had the tetanus injection prior to being diagnosed with further autoimmune disease and I was fine.  I will have the booster in 2018 to prevent the condition as I have a habit of getting out and dirty on a regular enough basis.  The original trigger was a scratch at a dirty work site with rusty wire.  

I am considered by some to be at greater risk of vaccine side effects due to lowered immunity and with this in mind, I continue to strengthen my body.  This year, the flu knocked me and I had to rest, and I ate a bit more sweet stuff because it made me feel lousy.  I did not end up on antibiotics and I am convinced that was in part due to the iodine and selenium supplementation program I am on.  That, and my conversion of inactive thyroid medication into active thyroid hormone is going well.  I've begun a better supplement program for my coeliac disease as well, which is helping with my energy levels and should provide better general immunity.

In my twenties, I had a case of shingles which was incredibly painful.  I took a short course of anti-virals and recovered.  Shingles is a recurrence of the measles virus and babies should be avoided while suffering from it.  Generally, strict hygiene is important as well.  The measles virus likes to play hide and seek in the body (researchers believe in the spine) and because I was vaccinated, I only had the relatively minor shingles reactivation.  My body was run down due to stress and coeliac disease and I have not had a problem with it since.

Some young children should not be vaccinated due to cancer therapy and other risk factors where the vaccine is counter productive.  Those children are incredibly rare though.

I remain unconvinced that vaccines cause autism.  Even if that were the case, surely autism beats dying hands down.  If there is a link with autism then it's a rare child who needs to be detoxed from the additives in the vaccines.  If autism rates continue to double year in year, within five years it will cease to be a disability and become the norm for all children.  If vaccines caused autism then the rate should be stable, or decrease with the decrease in vaccination.  Autism continues to increase though despite the historically low rate of vaccination. I know at the moment that the government's no jab, no pay program is putting health centres under stress due to a massive spike in work load.  

The American Thyroid Association is working to create greater public health awareness of the importance of optimal iodine in women who want to conceive and are pregnant.  I suspect that there is a stronger connection with iodine and selenium deficiency in pregnant women and autism.  I am not trying to blame people, that's just where the evidence seems to lead me.  There is anecdotal evidence that backs this thought process up.  Also, the ATA and other thyroid associations are concerned about the lack of general knowledge in the population the the general lack of nutrients in many women who want, and do, conceive.

I read a remark the other day on a feed on Facebook.  Someone who clearly has not read much about history made a remark about how did people survive without vaccines.  The tragic answer is that many did not.


Disclaimer: this is the opinion of the author and does not constitute professional medical advice.  See your M.D or related medical professional for treatment and advice.

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