Strange breakfasts & savoury oats

I've fully embraced strange breakfasts since going gluten free.  Admittedly, the occasional leftover for breakfast before the coeliac diagnosis was not unheard of.  The most consistent approach to breakfasts I had as a young adult was two slices of toast with melted butter.  I remember taking up coffee as an occasional treat at the time, the ultimate in cool for a Christian youth group type.  Little did I know that having a weekly instant coffee was not normal and that soon I would get the caffeine withdrawal.

There was a while as a teenager where I rarely ate breakfast and often skipped lunch.  Mum must have made me eat fruit and I know dad probably would have tried to get some home made muesli into me.  Neither of them are morning people, so I could avoid a little.  I genuinely was not hungry and even I thought it was a bit strange.  I used to get nausea at the thought of eating.  I've since realised that this started when my thyroid hormone started to raise hell, and lack of appetite goes with hypothyroidism.

When I started working, I knew it was really important to eat breakfast so I would have a latte in the morning if nothing else.  My appetite was a bit healthier at the time and eventually went to the other extreme due to absorbing little because of coeliac disease and sporadic hyperthyroidism later on.  I also developed a healthy addiction to sushi and would often eat something small for breakfast and a more substantial coffee and sushi for lunch.  I also ate plenty of leftovers!

This morning for breakfast I had oats mixed with spiced pumpkin soup from last night warmed in the microwave and a cup of coffee.  It is a wonderful soup mum made with her dream pot.  A filling breakfast too.  Would have been good with gluten free tamari (quality soy sauce) but I have not bought any for ages.

Apparently a savoury oat breakfast is quite popular with other people.  It's just something I adopted from doing the same kind of thing with leftover cooked rice of a morning, jazz up and out the door!
Huffington post has picked out some wonderful ideas for savoury oat breakfasts:

Shape magazine also have ideas on how to enjoy oats all day long:

A classic savoury oat recipe from the queen of domesticity herself, Martha Stewart:

Recipes from

Indian inspired oat breakfast:

There, plenty of oat-spiration! 

Please note: oats are not recognised as gluten free in Australia.  Most other Coeliac societies recommend people eat non-contaminated oats.  Coeliacs have a one in five chance of being allergic to oats too. 

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