Speak for yourself

I just watched half a You tube video about a self absorbed woman my age who wanted to know why there is a generational divide.  Firstly, there will always be a degree of generational divide, something she did not acknowledge.  It's normal for the older and younger people, with different experiences and different difficulties and advantages to sometimes struggle to relate to each other.

Secondly, it's also perfectly normal for some of us to be lazy.  Laziness is a condition of the human spirit, not a condition of a generation.  I could give you 101 facts as to why my generation is one of the hardest working.  I could also deliver people of my generation that are lazy.  Equally, I can find people who are in the older generation who are not about to be beacons of hard work.  Laziness, much like poverty, will always be with us.

I think the easy, dare I say lazy, commentator would say that we are all sitting around feeling entitled.  This of course, ignores the facts.  It also ignores the disillusionment so many young people feel when they are not given the resources necessary to survive.  It ignores the impossibility for so many to provide themselves with basic shelter, and the years on the waiting list they face, if they dare to ask the state for help.

I spent three minutes on social media, and another rant, I write.  Clearly no time tomorrow could have definite benefits.

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