Reading picks - decorating and other things

1) Decorating and teenagers                                                                                                                      I was searching for thrifty decorating inspiration, primarily because a little inspiration keeps me motivated to save for my shed which I want to buy and then decorate on a beer budget, with a champagne effect.  Ideally, I will buy it with someone.  Not the impossibility it may read here. 

Anyway, I found the blog by Gina, that has some really wonderful ideas and cost cutting modern twists on current ideas.  Without a doubt, there are some gems to be found about the decorating of a place.  The article that stopped me in my tracks though, was about dealing with her teenage daughter's entitlement. 

This made me smile, so much.  It reminded me too, that my gratitude journal/ posts are such a good way to stay grounded.  On that note, I am grateful for parents that never had much money and always encouraged us to regularly go through our stuff (which was mainly from generous extended family).  I always had plenty of books and a love of the library.  I will admit, if I am with a special someone, I tend to prefer the TV off.  It's good as a distraction when I am on my own, or sick.  A cuddle and a little TV when it's freezing and I am tired is nice too.

Here it is:

2) Kitchen pantry stocking
Then, I did further internet meandering and found this article on pantry essentials as seen by a food editor. 

Ten food stuffs to inspire you, here:

3) Budget decorating
I found a whole website dedicated to decorating abodes on budgets.   Seems to be one of the best online resources for this area. Here:


Style at Home has plenty of articles to get the creative juices flowing.  Here:

It's worth noting that Thursdays are Hill Street Thrifty Thursdays, with grocery bargains for any visitors or locals to Hobart.


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