Paris letters - book review

 'Paris Letters' is the book I spent some of this afternoon and most of this evening reading.  Unlike the author I am unlikely to live for extended periods without a television any time soon, in part due to my speed reading capabilities.  I would consider it if I lived with children and was completing another degree.  Perhaps if I had a fire to look at during long winter evenings when I just want to drink tea and sit quietly while jam bubbles away gently on the stove.
I digress.  This book is the story of the author's decision to change her life.  She realises that her well paid job and her youthful career dream once achieved is more nightmare, than dream in reality.  After much soul searching she wonders how much money it would cost to leave her job. 
Having voiced the possibility of leaving she begins to make small changes that add up to rich rewards and the ability to leave her corporate career.  What follows are the adult dream and a happy life in Paris. 
A perfect winter's night read.

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