Ouch (Olive Leaf Extract and Herxheimer reactions)

Edit: OLE did not work for me, see: http://hobartchic.blogspot.com.au/2016/05/its-not-me-its-you-olive-leaf-extract.html

You would think that four cups of chamomile tea would have sent me off to the land of nod last night.  All that, combined with a hot water bottle for my feet, nature sounds and fresh air circulating through my room.  Normally, it would only take two cups of chamomile and a book.

Disclaimer: what follows is my experience with trying to manage chronic fatigue, triggered by a viral illness.  Please contact your medical doctor and pharmacist before trying anything similar yourself.

Yesterday, a few hours before I went to sleep I trialled Olive Leaf Extract which I had heard rave reviews about.  I was also aware that there was a chance I might have a Herxheimer reaction given that Olive Leaf extract is reputed to possibly be a strong anti viral and anti microbial.  I had seen Olive Leaf Extract come up as a possible management tool for chronic fatigue and a fatigue eradicator on mainstream medical programs (the joy of day time television).

The Herxheimer reaction I experienced would have to be one of the worst, if not the worst, I have ever encountered.  Hopefully it is short lived (a few days to a week, is the general guideline).  Needless to say, sleep was non-existent due to pain and I do not take painkillers when going through a Herxheimer, though some people recommend it.  There is only one way, and it's through these episodes.

If the pain was too bad today, I would have stopped completely.  I merely feel bruised and headache ridden today and I have been here before and the short term pain is generally worth it (as long as there are no life threatening reactions - people on blood thinners, with low blood pressure, or diabetes should not take Olive Leaf Extract unless directed by their medical doctor).  There's little point in taking painkillers when the likely cause of the pain is the body ridding itself of dead pathogens/viral cells, or as I like to call it, the non-medical term, sludge.  I did wear foot patches which certainly got a good work out.

I've taken another dose today and the reaction has lessened, hopefully the reaction will be even lower tomorrow.  I find that taking vitamin C and soda and mineral waters and herbal teas can help reduce the Herxheimer reaction.  Sometimes chamomile tea is effective, though not much use in this case.  This morning I am on my third cup of coffee which I find helps ameliorate muscle pain.

Here are some links you may find interesting.  For medical information remember to talk to your doctor, or other related medical professional.

Olive Oil Extract:



Herxheimer reactions:


Clearly you want to be very careful with a herxheimer reaction related to treatment of some conditions. According to this article, treatment of tick borne relapsing fever should be supervised by doctors due to risk associated with treatment.





Disclaimer: For professional medical advice, contact your Medical Doctor or other licensed medical professionals.  For emergencies, contact your local emergency services, in Australia ring 000, in the US dial 911.

Discuss all medications and supplements with your doctor and pharmacist.  Be aware that natural supplements can interact with medications.  People on blood thinners, with low blood pressure, or diabetes should not take Olive Leaf Extract unless directed by their medical doctor.

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